Hi 5

Hello / Aaniin,

I'm Mrs. LaMere and I teach HIgh Five at Anishinabe Academy. We have a traditional pre-kindergarten program in the morning and an Ojibwe Language Immersion Program in the afternoon. There are twenty students and three teachers in classroom 126 Monday through Friday.

Parents are always welcome to visit our classroom. We open our doors at 7:50 with breakfast in the cafeteria. We start our day with an open ended activity (read books, letter practice, manipulative table toys, journal writing or a color page). After that we have a large group experience with calendar, weather and a story. Next we work in small groups on literacy, art and science activities. Math is next before we have choice time, recess and lunch.

After lunch we have a quiet time and have Language Immersion in the afternoon. Biiwaabik and Ogi support the morning High Five curriculum in the afternoon Ojibwe Language Immersion Program.

You can contact me at: School: 612-668-0880 Voice Mail:612-692-1776 School e-mail: Karen.Lamere@mpls.k12.mn.us

Come visit us anytime,

Mrs. LaMere

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