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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior and Interventions and Supports System is a school-wide approach to discipline and process for creating a safe and more effective schools. The process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students by developing a research-based, school-wide acknowledgement system to follow.

Why is it so important to focus on teaching positive social behaviors?


Dear parents and guardians:

This year, Anishinabe Academy is implementing a program designed to encourage every student to make good choices in his or her education. The PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support) program involves all school staff, from office staff to teachers to custodians and everyone in between, to model, remind, and reinforce appropriate student behaviors.

Students are acknowledged, informally and formally, for demonstrating exceptional behavior. Informal recognition will be on-going, while formal recognition will occur on a regular basis, including “Caught in the Act” in which students’ names are announced each week when they are caught demonstrating the Seven Grandfather Teachings, school activities, Eagle Feather Achievements posted on the walls to commemorate students’ positive choices, and school-wide celebrations.

Posters of the Anishinabe Academy Expectations are displayed throughout the school building to remind students about the Teachings and to remind them of proper behavior.  For students who follow these expectations in the 4th quarter of the 2014-2015 school year and have no office referrals, a celebration will be thrown in their honor during the last weeks of school. 

Please feel free to review with your child the behavioral expectations we have set at Anishinabe Academy.  As Spring is in the air, it is important to review expectations with your children. They are also below:

Anishinabe Academy’s Overall Expectations

  1. Take care of ourselves
  2. Take care of others
  3. Take care of our property
  4. Take care of our space
  5. Take care of our time
  6. Take care of our learning


Voice Levels

0-No Talking

1-Private Voice

2-Classroom or Lunchroom Voice

3-Outside Voice



  1. Walk single file
  2. Face forward
  3. Keep hands to yourself
  4. Respect others personal space
  5. Be positive
  6. Treat everyone as family



  1. Use responsibly and use a clothespin pass
  2. Wash hands
  3. Throw paper towels in waste basket
  4. Report vandalism and graffiti
  5. Bathrooms are closed daily from 8:15am-9:00am
  6. No electronic devices



  1. Actively participate
  2. Use appropriate language
  3. “High 5s” and “Nice Trys”
  4. Problem solve
  5. Share equipment
  6. Include others
  7. Be positive & respectful
  8. Clean up & line up
  9. Use 2 or 3 voice levels
  10. No electronic devices




En Route to Buses

  1. Be safe and walk
  2. Stay in line
  3. Stay on bus
  4. Be responsible for your belongings
  5. Show compassion
  6. Take care of your “Bus Buddy”
  7. Keep hands and feet to self
  8. Keep bus clean

We will also hold an all school assembly on April 9, 2015 to review our expectations at Anishinabe Academy and celebrate those students who have shown they have achieved a Seven Grandfather Teaching!


PBIS committee