Anpetu Waste!
Picture is of Ms. Linnea, her daughter Maya, and her husband David

Welcome to 2nd Grade! I am so excited to be starting my 8th year at Anishinabe Academy with all the new challenges and opportunities of Distance Learning. 

Distance Learning will meet live daily from 9:00 - 12:00 via google meets (The "code" is vkm-vbrh-qtk)

*Keep in mind, your child may get out early, depending on the time of their reading group.*

Independent work on Seesaw in the afternoon.


Important Sites

  • For more information about what is happening in 2nd grade, check out our website, which we will keep up to date with the latest, including the daily schedule, google meets, and anything else you need to know. 
  • Our virtual classroom happens in google meets:
  • Check out the sidebar to the right for the specialist links: We operate on a 2 week rotation


Feel free to contact me at any time: