Health and Wellness

The Anishinabe Health Office is staffed by Gina Robertson, Health Services Assistant, and Sheila Placido, Licensed School Nurse.  The health office is open for students from 8:40am-3:10pm M-F

Please call us with your suggestions and concerns about your child or school health services.

Sheila Placido, Licensed School Nurse, 612-668-5006

Gina Robertson, Health Services Assistant, 612-668-0885

Minneapolis Public Schools follow the guidelines developed by the epidemiologists at Hennepin County Community Health Department when deciding if a student should be sent home or kept home from school. If you have questions, call the health office at 668-0885.

A child should not come to school (and will be sent home from school) if they have or have had :

  • A fever of 100 degrees For more in the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • An undiagnosed skin rash
  • Untreated head lice

Please notify the school if your child has a contagious condition like chicken pox, strep throat or head lice, etc.

Absences due to Illness:
Students are allowed up to 8 total absences a year, or 3 days in a row, due to illness. A doctor's note must be provided if your child is gone from school more than 8 total days over the school year, or 3 days in a row. Because your child's health is important to us, school staff can help your child if you do not have health insurance or cannot afford to see a doctor.  Please contact your school if you need help.

Absences for your student should be called in to the attendance office at 668-0880.

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