Bus Information

Bus pass requests need to be in writing and turned into the office by 12:00 noon.  

Parents need to give the office an address and phone number of the location where the child is to be dropped off.

For questions about school bus operations in the City of Minneapolis, safety, or schedules, contact dispatch at 612-668-2300. When possible, call between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for fastest service. The Dispatch office is staffed Monday through Friday during hours when buses are on the street.

Safety Rules

  1. Stay out of the "Danger Zones" outside the bus.
  2. Follow driver's instructions.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Always SIT DOWN.
  5. Be courteous.  No fighting, swearing or yelling.
  7. Keep your bus clean.  Do not damage bus.
  8. Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows.
  9. No pets or dangerous objects.


Moving? Changing daycares? Requesting a different bus stop?

Please call our school and ask for the transportation coordinator.