Ms. Dahl's Room

Han, Welcome!

Code: agc-etxs-bek
Code:  oab-xnsa-kgu
Please log into your device with your student's USERNAME and PASSWORD.  
The username is the first part of their MPS student email address before the @ sign. 
The password is their first and last initials and 4 digits of their birthday (MMDD).  
  • Logging into Clever is proving to be too tricky for some of us for the first few days (If you got it, though, GREAT!)
  • Instead, go to
  • Make SURE you're logged in to Google with your MPS account with username and password (and NOT your personal gmail by default).    
  • The above links should show up on your student's googlemeet agenda, otherwise, click the links above OR enter the code for morning ot afternoon class. 
Ms. Dahl