Ms. Dahl's Room


For the first two weeks of school I'll be using the same meeting link with a "nickname".  This means that ANY time during the school day, if you are looking for me, just go to google meet and type in the nickname:
BUT: You must be logged into your Minneapolis Public Schools account to use this nickname. 
Please log into your device with your student's USERNAME and PASSWORD.  
The username is the first part of their MPS student email address before the @ sign. 
The password is their first and last initials and 4 digits of their birthday (MMDD).  
  • Logging into Clever is proving to be too tricky for some of us for the first few days (If you got it, though, GREAT!)
  • Instead, go to
  • Make SURE you're logged in to Google with your MPS account with username and password (and NOT your personal gmail by default).    
  • Enter the nickname kdahl to come to my meeting.  We begin at 8:40 and will be live with get-to-know-you activities until about noon.  Do not worry one bit about being late or feeling not ready.  One day at a time!!  We will practice using features of our devices and navigating our way around.   
Ms. Dahl