School Safety Plan Guidelines

Arrival to School

School Staff Arrival 

School staff are expected to follow MPS established building entry protocols which include wearing a face covering, unless medical documentation is provided; completing a self-health screening prior to arriving; and maintaining social distancing. All staff are expected to enter through the main entrance and sign the building access log upon entry. 


Student Arrival Requirements

Face coverings are required at all times by students as they arrive at school and while at school, unless medical documentation is provided; 3 feet should be maintained between children as much as possible. 


Car Drop-Off

Students who are dropped off by their parents: Enter at the back of the building, DOOR #10.

Drive around the parking lot, following the signs posted on the fence directing you to

 DOOR #10.


Student Walk to School

 ANISHINABE ACADEMY students who walk to school: Enter at the front of the building, DOOR #3.


Bus Arrival

ANISHINABE ACADEMY will follow established MPS Transportation protocols and expectations. Upon bus arrival, students should be met by a school staff member and exit the bus with a face covering then walk to their designated grade-level line up area; students should remain socially distanced from each other (3 feet) as students enter the school. ANISHINABE ACADEMY staff will be located around the facility at designated duty stations.

All students arriving by school bus: the buses will line up on 28th street in front of the school building and students will enter and exit the school through DOOR #3, maintaining a safe distance from each other.


Late Arrival

Students will enter through the main DOOR #1, buzzing themselves into the building. Face coverings are required unless medical documentation is provided. The student will check-in at the office before walking to their classroom. Families should call the school to notify the student that they will be arriving late. 

School Site Maps





Dismissal from School

Student Dismissal Requirements

Unless medical documentation is provided, students must wear face coverings at all times as they depart from school until they are off school property. Face coverings must also be worn while on a District bus or other transportation vehicle; 3 feet should be maintained between children as much as possible.


Dismissal by grade: Students will be dismissed by grade in 5 minute increments to allow for safe distancing.


High 5 - 2:40      Kdg - 2:45      1st - 2:50     2nd - 2:55     3rd - 3:00     4th - 3:05     5th - 3:10


Bus Loading


Students leaving by bus will exit the main doors on 28th St. where the buses will be waiting.

High 5: will exit at DOOR#14.

Grades Kdg - 5th: will exit the DOOR #3. 


Designated staff and MPS bus drivers will ensure students exit the school and enter the bus following established MPS Health and Safety Protocols. MPS Transportation will train their staff on expectations and protocols for students boarding the bus. Kindergarten students will exit the building several minutes before other grade levels at 2:45p, to allow additional time for bus loading. Teachers will stagger students and release them from schools based on hallway capacity in order to maintain 6 feet of social distancing between classroom groups. Staff on duty will ensure social distancing and face covering expectations are followed as outlined in the MPS Health and Safety protocols, as well as MPS Transportation Plan protocols.


Car Pick-Up

All parent pick up students by vehicle or walking  will be at DOOR #4.


ANISHINABE ACADEMY will continue to have staff monitoring students at designated duty stations; students will be picked up at their designated area (pick-up/drop-off curb). Kindergarten students will exit the building several minutes before other grade levels at 2:45pm to allow additional time to connect parents with students. Teachers will stagger student release based on hallway capacity to maintain 6 feet of social distancing between classroom groups and duty station assignments. Drivers will need to stay in their vehicle as students walk to their vehicles from the line-up station.


Parent Walk-Up

Schools will identify a waiting area outside of the building for parents/guardians if they are on foot to pick up their student. MPS Health and Safety Protocols will be required of parents/guardians such as wearing a face covering and maintaining a social distance of 6 feet while waiting in the designated area. Parent/guardians are not to walk up to or wait at the student entry/exit doors. Parents and visitors will not be permitted in the building without an appointment.

Student Walk Home

When walking home, students are encouraged to stay away from non-family members and wear their face covering until they arrive home. 





In-School Requirements

Movement within School Requirements

Face coverings are required, unless medical documentation is provided, and social distancing of 3 feet needs to be maintained at all times when moving through the school.

Entering the Classroom

When students enter classrooms, staff should ensure they enter one at a time, are wearing face coverings, and are social distancing from one another (3 feet); classroom staff will also ensure hand sanitizer is available upon entry. 


Student's personal belongings will be stored or hung in accordance with the teacher's expectations (on hooks or in a designated area or tub). Students are responsible for managing their materials and personal belongings


Staff who enter the classroom with the intention of staying and working with students will be required to sign in on the Classroom Sign In/Out Sheet located on a designated clipboard. Daily sheets should remain on the clipboard.

Restroom Use 

For students in classrooms without a restroom in their classroom: Students will exit the classroom with permission from the teacher to use a designated bathroom and designated bathroom stall. Students are encouraged to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Upon returning to the classroom, classroom staff will direct students to use hand sanitizer on their hands.


For students with restrooms in their classroom: Students will wash their hands after bathroom use. Established MPS Health and Safety and Cleaning protocols will be followed to ensure cleanliness. During recess, students will continue using their designated class-assigned restroom stall.

Hallway Activity

When traveling through the school, adults and students will stay on the right side of the hallway, maintain 3 feet social distance, wear a face covering, and walk in one single file. Staff are expected to assist students in following posted signage.

Use of Group Spaces

When using group spaces, staff will follow MPS Health and Safety Protocols, have students wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet social distance between student groups and 3 feet between students within a group. 

Meal Service 


General Information

Students are allowed to remove their face covering while eating or drinking meals but must immediately put them back on after finishing.



Breakfast will be prepackaged and picked up by students at the designated area as they enter the building during arrival. Breakfast will be eaten in the classroom. 

Trash from breakfast should be placed in trash barrels that will be positioned in hallways and pulled by custodians after the first hour of school. 


Building staff will be assigned to meal supervision, which may include monitoring social distancing, assisting in serving students meals, escorting students to pick up their meals, and cleaning tables and spills between students groups depending on the spaces used when eating lunch. Staff who supervise meal service are entitled to a free meal

If common spaces or open classrooms are used for lunch:

  • Lunch tables/tables will be spaced out for 3 feet between students within a classroom group and 6 feet between different classroom groups, students will be assigned seating within their classroom group. 

  • Lunch meals and beverages will be packaged by culinary staff and staged onto racks. Students taking lunch or milk will either stand in line with 6 feet of social distancing [OR] an adult will bring the food items to their table. 

Classes will be scheduled for lunch to maintain social distancing from other classes that are either picking up meals or eating meals in the lunchroom. 

For students bringing their own lunch, students will carry their own lunch boxes to and from the lunchroom. 

Trash from meals eaten in the classroom are to be placed in trash barrels positioned in hallways. Custodial staff will change trash liners after lunch meal periods are complete.

Hydration Breaks

Everyone is encouraged to bring a water bottle from home for use at the hydration station. ANISHINABE ACADEMY can request small (4-6 oz.) disposable cups from CWS for all classrooms, allowing students and staff access to drinking without the use of the hydration station. We will also provide teachers with a case of water for students who do not have a water bottle.  Drinking fountains will be covered and are not to be used.



In-Class Requirements

Classroom Environment Requirements

  • Face coverings required at all times.

  • Social distancing of 3 feet when possible for children

  • Handwashing and sanitization when necessary.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces when necessary.

Seating and Movement within the Classroom

Teachers will arrange tables or desks to maintain 3 feet distance between each student, if possible, and 6 feet of distance for adults/teachers with assistance as needed from custodial staff. Clear pathways will be established to allow access to the sink, desk, and various locations within the classroom. 


Teachers will determine the amount of existing furniture to be used and the room layout to support learning. Teachers will create and post seating charts. Teachers choosing to gather students on the floor or learning areas will use visual spacing such as tape or objects to define individual seating locations. 


MPS will provide portable desktop barriers for adults to use when providing one-on-one or small-group instruction where 6 feet between adults and students cannot be maintained.

Sanitization of Room Once Cleared

Custodial staff will follow MPS Plant Operations service level and protocols with a full room disinfection after the room is vacant at the end of each day. Teachers and staff will have ready access to approved disinfecting solutions and towels to sanitize desks and hard materials throughout the school day, if desired. Custodial staff will follow a process to ensure spray bottles are filled each day with approved disinfecting solutions. After students have finished eating in the classroom, surfaces will need to be cleaned by classroom staff.

Common Areas

The Building Safety team will ensure tables or desks are arranged to maintain 3 feet distance between each student. Clear pathways will be established to allow access to the sink, desk, and various locations within the classroom. The Building Safety team will determine the amount of appropriate furniture and room layout to support learning. Teachers choosing to gather students on the floor or learning areas will use visual spacing such as tape or objects to define individual seating locations. Teachers will decide if coat hooks, tubs, or alternate storage will be used for personal belongings such as snow gear.

Collaborative Work Strategies

Teachers and staff have been provided the option of using a face shield and a cloth face covering and have been provided a clear plastic desk-top barrier to use with small groups or one-on-one work where 6 feet of distancing cannot be maintained. MPS Health and Safety Plans, face coverings, and social distancing expectations will be followed by all staff. Group size and frequency will be limited to maintain social distancing.

Material Handling

Any item (recess/PE equipment such as balls, hula hoops, etc.) with the potential of multi-usage will need to be disinfected by classroom staff prior to the next use, including equipment used during physical education or recess. Teachers are encouraged to have baskets or storage areas for papers and materials to be turned in, allowing time between contact. Community sharing of materials will not be permitted. Lost and Found items cannot be used for activities during recess or other times. Teachers are encouraged to have students manage their own materials, rather than collecting items.




Facility Sanitization


Windows should be kept closed to maintain proper air balance throughout the building so air handling systems work as planned. Exterior doors will not be propped open due to school safety expectations. MPS Plant Operations is responsible for the maintenance of the facility and the expectations for portable HEPA filters and HVAC systems. Classroom staff will not move HEPA filters between rooms and, if a HEPA filter has been placed in the room, will operate those filters at the 400 CFM setting at all times while the room is occupied. 

Sanitization Between Learning Activities 

Every classroom will have alcohol based disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and approved disinfectant spray. Supplies are also available for use at sanitizing stations distributed throughout the school. A collaborative effort between teachers, support staff, and custodial staff will occur to ensure cleaning within the building. Custodians will follow the established cleaning and disinfecting schedule and staff will assist with disinfecting and cleaning rooms and materials during the day in classrooms. 




Additional Guidelines

Inside Recess

During indoor recess, students will stay in their classroom. Depending on availability of adult coverage, open rooms may be used to support indoor recess. Prior to the start of indoor recess, teachers will review activities students are permitted to do. MPS staff will supervise students by ensuring students wear their face covering and maintaining social distancing.

Outside Recess

Teachers and support staff will supervise students in various areas around the building. The number of classes in the outdoor recess area will be limited to maintain 3 feet of social distancing between students and 6 feet between classroom groups. Face coverings are required during recess. Students will need to follow face covering and social distancing expectations. Staff will have a radio allowing communication at all times. Students will continue to use designated bathrooms either in the classroom or designated stall. 

Illness Room

Health office staff will supervise students in the illness room who may need to wait for transportation. Identify a staff member to back up student supervision in the illness room in the event that health office staff are needed elsewhere for routine medical procedures. 




Adult Guidelines

Adult Activity Requirements

Face coverings and social distancing of 6 feet are required at all times between adults and adults and students; handwashing and sanitization will be done as necessary. Model and assist students in all MPS Health and Safety protocols.

Staff Meetings and Training

Staff meetings will be conducted via a virtual meeting platform.

PTO/PTA/Site Council Meetings

Meetings will be conducted via virtual meetings.  Our Parent Liaison, Cecelia Benimon, will reach out to family to announce our PTO/ESSA meetings via robo call/text/email as well as posting on our school website and the Anishinabe Academy Facebook page.

Use of Staff Lounge

The staff lounge will be available; staff must follow social distance guidelines, wear a face covering if not eating, and follow MPS cleaning protocols. Staff are required to complete the Staff Lounge Sign In/Out Sheet to track usage for contact tracing. Sign-in sheets should remain in the staff lounge on a clipboard.


Food sharing and potluck events are not allowed.